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Tier10 S3

At Tier10 Technology, our innovative S3 storage solutions, developed in partnership with Xa Net Services, are designed with a focus on optimizing cost for storage users and income for storage providers.

Our Tier10 S3 service leverages Xa Net Services’ decentralized storage network powered by ScPrime, ensuring reliability and reshaping the cloud storage landscape. Utilizing our own hosted relayers, which eliminate the need for users to set up their own relayer, the tiering system represents a groundbreaking concept. It enables us to provide users with a performant and resilient S3 storage service, while empowers those willing to provide storage to significantly reduce their total cost of ownership. The tiering system does this by fostering a more data-dense ecosystem.

Tier10 Technology has created a collaborative ecosystem that aligns the goals and incentives of users and providers, whether they choose to focus on one role or both. This approach aims to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness for participants in our storage ecosystem.

Innovative Tiering System

At Tier10, our tiering system is finely tuned to accommodate a wide spectrum of client requirements while fostering equilibrium within our ecosystem. Our tiering structure benefits clients with more storage needs by adding their storage providers to provider sets with a higher volume of data in addition to the lower tier provider sets.

  • Tier 1: Providers commit 1TB of storage per node to our provider sets, serving as a foundational entry point.
  • Tier 2: This tier offers enhanced capabilities, necessitating 2TB per node, resulting in more data received.
  • Tier 3: Our top-tier service mandates 3TB per node, ensuring the most data we offer for your storage providers.

Data-Dense Provider Sets

Through our tiering system, we foster a data-rich environment by incentivizing clients to actively engage in both providing storage and uploading data. This innovative methodology curates dense provider sets, cultivating a mutually advantageous ecosystem. Every client’s contribution enhances the network’s robustness, forming a symbiotic relationship where each participant both contributes to and reaps benefits from the network’s strength.

Transforming Storage: Shifting from Liability to Asset

Your nodes have the potential to evolve into profitable assets, generating continuous income that effectively offsets your storage expenses. This innovative strategy holds the promise of transforming your storage endeavors into a profitable venture. Notably, while satisfying your own storage needs, this approach creates a mutually beneficial situation. Your active involvement not only covers operational costs but also cultivates additional revenue streams, establishing a win-win scenario for sustained profitability.