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Provide Storage

Welcome to the Future of Cloud Storage: Join the Revolution with Tier10 Technology

Are you intrigued by the idea of contributing to a decentralized network and getting paid for it? At Tier10 Technology, we’re at the forefront of a groundbreaking movement that allows you to be an active participant in the cloud storage ecosystem.

What is storage providing, you ask? It’s an innovative concept where you become a provider of storage space to a decentralized network called ScPrime. This network thrives on collaborative efforts, utilizing storage capacity from individuals and businesses like yours. This storage not only powers the network but also helps meet the growing demand for data storage globally.

By joining us as a provider, you play a pivotal role in this transformative process. With ScPrime’s cutting-edge technology as the backbone, your storage space becomes a valuable asset. As you provide storage, you can generate income. It’s a seamless and efficient way to utilize your resources while being part of a forward-thinking community.

You get paid $4/TB of used storage on your providers. So the more you receive from the network, the more you make. Our tiering system was designed to accelerate onboarding data. XNS has more detailed information on earnings.

An XA-Miner is the easy option and is also reliable, with automatic updates. If you’re more experienced with storage administration, you could opt for the DIY license. If you make the purchase through us and also qualify for one of our tiers, these licenses will also be added to the parity provider set. Licenses bought elsewhere will only qualify for the data provider set.


  • XNS License
    You won’t receive any data without a license.
  • Providers must maintain a minimum uptime of 99% to receive data
    This crucial requirement ensures a consistently reliable network. Moreover, the actual network uptime exceeds this threshold significantly due to the implementation of 80:40 erasure coding. This coding methodology ensures robust data redundancy and resilience. As a result, the network achieves a substantially higher uptime than the mandated 99% per provider, bolstering its reliability and ensuring consistent data accessibility for users and providers alike.