S3-Compatible Cloud Storage

  • S3-Compatible
  • $6.99/TB per month
  • 3x uploaded egress for FREE ($2/TB beyond 3x)


Our service is built on the ScPrime decentralized network. Your data is sent to relayers we host in a tier 3 datacenter and broken up into 120 pieces using erasure coding. The pieces are encrypted and uploaded to 120 different storage providers around the world. A 80:40 data to parity ratio is used, resulting in extremely robust data protection.


Tier10 is compatible with tools you already use for managing S3 cloud storage. No need to re-learn everything or integrate complex new systems. We give you an S3 endpoint where you can point existing apps to and start uploading data.


  • Tier10 S3 price is 60-70% below the cost of AWS S3 with the ability to lower TCO further by providing storage to the network
  • Grow your storage provider earnings with Tier10. We direct more data to you using our proprietary tiering system, accelerating your earnings.
  • Revenues from other’s data stored are automatically converted into storage credits lowering your costs


  • Erasure Coding splits data into 120 pieces
  • Data is encrypted before uploading to providers
  • Cryptographic storage proofs randomly guarantee data is never tampered with and always available


  • Our relayers are hosted in a tier 3 datacenter with 10g uplinks
  • Data slivers are indexed into rows, each with a unique erasure coded provider set
  • Rows are optimized for maximum performance with parallel efficient uploads
  • Always hot storage instantly available, never offloaded or sent to nearline storage